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Sewing ,refashioning and crafting can all be vey exciting  but also a emotionally daunting  if you don’t know how to properly navigate the worlds. But don’t sweat! I have whipped up some tips from my terrible experiences to help you get through yours!


Refashioning takes patience and time, when you walk into a store and you see a wonderful piece of fabric and you just think, viola! that’s it! You immediately began to think of ways to refashion your new piece of clothing, your mind is reeling towards Emerald City but you have no idea that there is a boulder in the middle of then and now. You need to take the time to sit down with your self and plan through what you see and what you want out of your new project. If you rush a project the love does not show as much and it will not be felt as much. There is a pride that comes with taking time to make it just right.

Find Your Inspiration

Inspiration is not plagiarizing. So don’t feel bad when you have a dress you like and you want to tweak it to look more like a dress you found on Pinterest or some other website, billboard, ect. There are so many different ways to obtain inspiration. I like to look at Pinterest.

Be Inspired

The only reason why I can look at a article of clothing and see potential in it is because  I am constantly  gathering ideals from websites and videos for inspiration. If I did not do that then I will honestly never see the potential in something. It is okay to be inspired, that does not mean that you are not original that just means you have been given a idea or way to define your project.

Have the Right Materials

This one needs no explanation, it will save you the time.

Put the Star in Starting over

I learned a long time ago that I am no god when it comes to anything in my life. I am not perfect nor am I capable of getting it right every single time. It is so easy to get frustrated with a task and to feel a little (or a lot) of stuck.  When I mess up a project I can easily get discouraged and give up. I have found that looking at other blogs and Pinterest always rekindle that fire and I start again.


If you are not having fun  or enjoying your project, then there is a guarantee that you will give up. Find a project you love and I bet you will stick more to it!


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