The World’s Most Epic Wish List

I’ve probally got too many items on my wishlist (sorry) but you can never really stop dreaming, or at least I can’t. I mean really, everyone does it! Who hasn’t whipped up some fantasy of Johnny Depp?? (who,WHO?) Anyways, I have done you the good o’l favor of letting you into my little world (I know it’s just been killing you to know) So here we go ladies and gentlemen, Kalah’s wishlist of 2015. And to make it even more cool, I’ve added those cute pics, You’re welcome.

1. I want to travel the World

untitled (24)

2. Write my heart out in a book


3. To see a opera


5. Meet Beyoncé


6. Aid a country in times of Natural Disaster

untitled (26)

7. Touch the hair of a certain Johnny Depp

untitled (27)

( Can you believe it, he owns a house on the Beach in the city where I far away)

8. Fall asleep under the Stars

untitled (28)

9. Have my feet kissed by those cute little fish


10. Take a spontaneous trip to some place , anywhere

untitled (29)

11. learn to play guitar


12. Can I have Misty Copelands legs?

untitled (30)

(Why yes you can, you will just have to work your butt off to get them)

13. To have Ed Sheeran sing Happy Birthday to me, and Good Morning and Good Afternoon and Good Night…

untitled (31).

14. To meet the pope

untitled (32)

I know I am not Catholic ,but people make such a fuss over the little man, he is like a little god, I have to see him.

15.Own my own Craft Business

untitled (33)

16.Start a line of Greeting Cards


17. Swim with a Dolphin

untitled (34)

18. Eat a whole CAKE TO MYSELF


19. A killer wardrobe


20. Can I get to the Aurora lights with out having to get on a plane?

untitled (35)

What is on your wish list?

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