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Go Set a Watchmen Sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird
Go Set a Watchmen Sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird

Make Sure your first Book Club meeting is one to remember

Last week I was trying to think of content that I could share with you that would help you solve a issue. I know most of my followers (like all seven of you) Love to read and maybe even host book clubs so I have done some serious thinking on what you could do to make your book club more fun. These Books are fun-filled and thought-provoking, that’s what you want out of a good book club reading, thought provoking chapters and questions. Before we nose dive into some awesome advice, let me explain my begginings with Book Clubs.

Every year my Middle School Principle would host a competition and a prize was given. Mrs. Baker ( the principle lady ) would hold up a book in front of the whole school and say slowly “If you read this book, and write a essay on (sum deep topic I don’t remember) I might consider you to join my book club’ I was completely enthralled, reading was my thing, I read 532 books over the course of my little middle school life. I knew I wanted to be apart of Mrs. Bakers Book Club, so during Reading Class I rushed to the libary and requested a copy (I am sure I had more books than allowed checked out, but because I always bought them back the libarian gave me a copy) I remember it like it was yesterday, I rushed back into reading and grabbed one of Mrs.Tidwell’s famous beanie bags, plopped a toostie role into my mouth and hungrily started reading to myself. I finished the book and started the essay that night, by morning a very crisp sheet of paper layed in the principles folder. The book club was amazing, we were called out of class right before lunch to a fancy meeting room I never knew existed, the room was nicely decorated and the smell of Olive Garden lasagna and rolls filled the room. We set down and ate and then discussed the book ( in that order)

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Since then I was hooked on group reading and I always loved it in school. There was something special about fellowshipping with friends and eating lots of good food, while sharing and discussing your favorite book.

Go to your library and check these lovelies out

you won’t regret it.

The Intuition



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