Starting my own Business, Whys and Hows?

This week I am doing a short blog series on starting my own Crafting Business. There were a lot of questions that I had and still have  about the industry , so please feel free to offer any advice.  Though I don’t know a whole lot about  Crafting Cards, I have the passion for it and I have been dedicating my days to learning the business and building a Business plan. I am so excited about this lifestyle change I am making, and I hope you will join me on the journey.


1) Why did you decide to start your own Business?

ah. There are so many reasons and I don’t know where to began. I guess I could say that it started for me last summer, when I got tired of hearing about the young celebrities in Hollywood who were “so young and so wealthy”. I was tired of seeing Taylor Swift run up the stage for another award while I set behind a screen and watched. I thought to myself one day “Why does this bother me?” I knew immediately the truth, that I was jealous of the success and jealous of the passion that these young people had. These young people were brilliant and ground changing, I am talking about Malala Yousafazai and Emma Watson . They were not just simple plain “Young Woman” They made a difference and put there voice in the world , and now it will mean something. I examined these people and their hearts from what was given and I found that there was a common thread. They did not wait for opportunity, they created opportunity. In addition I also found that they had passion for what it was they were representing and they found ways to add value to it. I had to sit down with myself recently and ask “What are you passionate about, and how can you add value?” My passion is anything that allows my creativity to flow naturally. I grew up thinking and sculpting new ways of seeing things, and I was never excited or pleased with being original. So it  has always made sense to me that I operate in a world that allows that to flow creatively and naturally. My passions has been Card making and I am adding value  to it.

2) How do you start a business?

I can not give you a formula, I just know that you have to start with what you are passionate about, and you  have to let that mature and grow as it should.  Don’t assume you know everything, because you don’t and you never will. You will only know enough for the moment.

3) What have you learned  that has helped you the most?

Right now I am learning that a Business plan is wonderful idea and  it does help so  much to have one! Don’t start a business with out one, okay? I have not finished mine yet , because there is still so much to do. I have learned already that it is beneficial to have one.

4) Don’t be afraid to speak your ideas out into the open, you have to be willing to speak them boldly in order to see results. Don’t be afraid of peoples opinions, they will always have them, you have to focus on yourself and maturing the fire that is inside of you.

5)My last advice for today is to take opportunity , don’t wait for it. You have a business idea? wonderful there is no such thing as a dumb idea. You just have to think and plan strategically and that requires patience. Don’t wait for the next train out of town, start walking(:

With Love

The Intuition

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