From Natural Hair to Permed Hair my reasons and advice

I made the decision about 2 months ago that I wanted to perm my hair, I knew when I made the decision that a lot of things would change and trust me  I loved my natural hair. I have been natural my whole life almost and so I really have never known anything else besides the natural hair life. So if I loved my hair so much why change everything? Well, there are reasons.

1)The first and most important being that I wanted a change. I am at the point in my life where it is time for me to grab the reigns and lead. I am a grown woman now about to take the responsibilities of managing myself to a whole different level ( be it financially or spiritually etc.) I had to realize that I am not 12 anymore, I am in my 20th year. With this new phase of life I wanted a hair style that said “Adult but still very sweet”

2) My second reasoning, was wanting a hairstyle that allowed me to define myself and that did not define me. I want the reigns, and I earned them and I wanted a hairstyle that said that.

3) I went natural at a young age and I did not really give my hair the love or attention it needed. It was kind of like being baptized at a young age. You know it happen but you can’t really remember why it happen. I was never mature enough to handle natural hair, I just don’t think I cared for it. You have such a deeper appreciation for things in life when you make the decision yourself and I do actually have a deeper appreciation for my hair now.


There was this baby held in that lop-sided afro and when I permed it, I felt her fly away and now I feel that I am the young women I always wanted to look like. I understand how a lot of people feel about  the natural hair and how amazing it is, I totally get it. But there is something just so equally amazing about this permed hair too. I won’t act like it is healthy, or like it is better but I love this permed hair just as much because it is mine.

I will miss all the cuteness that came with it, but like I said I want to define my hair not have it define me.




The truth is one day I probably will go natural again and when I do I will be mature enough to handle the responsibility that comes with it but right now I am having too much fun not having to care about my hair. I refuse to feel guilty.


If you are going Natural I say go for it! It is the best thing in the world and you will not regret it and also if you are going to perm your hair than just do it! It is not the end of the world and there is more beauty in starting over. Hair is fun and can be played and tossed with so do it while you can. My only suggestion is to find someone who really knows what their doing when it comes to hair ( perm or natural) and make that  person your best  friend.

11231154_1648072468758669_5002991365186184135_nGetAttachment (2)

I clean up pretty well! Don’t you love it (;

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